Frame & Axiom #29 (Part 4): On the mystery of reality, the inadequacy of science as modern myth, and a preferred approach.
Frame & Axiom #28 (Part 4): On our subjective patterns and predispositions, and why the question 'who am I?' is inevitable.
Frame & Axiom #27 (Part 4): A short treatise on the subjective nature of reality.
Frame & Axiom #26 (Part 4): Love as the force in and of everything.
Frame & Axiom #25 (Part 3): Love as a divine ideal.
Frame & Axiom #24 (Part 3): On agapē love, love without conditions.
Frame & Axiom #23 (Part 5): On the indispensability of love.
Frame & Axiom #22 (Part 5): On romantic love.
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On the Mind
Kevin Esherick
The Unhappy Man
Rahul Samaranayake

A Memoir Worth Writing